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Find the Best Place to Buy Premium WordPress Themes Based on Your Budget

If you're looking for a WordPress theme for your website or blog, then set your budget and see the best places where you can to get one! Discounts and free bonus resources included!

My current WordPress theme budget is:

WP Flunky Helps You Find Awesome WordPress Themes

Having over 7 years of WordPress experience, I created this tool to show you the best place to buy Premium WordPress themes based on your budget!

A WordPress theme is essential for your WordPress website or blog. You can't build one without it.

Luckily, since WordPress powers over 34% of all websites, the competition is huge! And where there's a lot of competition, there are also competitive prices.

Every marketplace or WordPress development studio is trying to come up with the best offers to attract customers. So, you can buy a premium WordPress theme at a very low price!

But, a lot of competition can also be a bad thing. Not everyone who wants a piece of the cheese is providing quality WordPress themes. Many of them are low-quality, unfortunately.

When it comes to WordPress development studios, this tool only recommends the best ones. But, when it comes to marketplaces, where there are thousands or tens of thousands of premium WordPress themes submitted by a lot of different developers, things get tricky.

So, check below the important things to look out for when choosing a WordPress theme.

Important Things to Look Out for When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Here's what to look out for when buying a premium WordPress theme from a marketplace, such as TemplateMonster or ThemeForest.

  • Up to date - Make sure the WordPress theme was recently updated. If you don't see that information mentioned anywhere, contact the developers and ask.
  • WordPress compatibility - Make sure the theme is compatible with the latest WordPress version. If you don't see the info anywhere, contact the theme authors and ask. You should ask anyway because some of them update the theme but forget to update the compatibility information.
  • Support - If possible, check to see if the developers are available and provide good support. For example, on ThemeForest, you can check the Comments section on the theme's page.
  • Choose performance over bling-bling - Checking a WordPress theme's performance, especially before buying it, is pretty tricky and requires some level of knowledge. But you can take a step in the right direction by not choosing a multipurpose and feature-rich theme unless you really need to. If possible, try to choose niche themes that only offer the necessary features for your niche. For example, if you want to start a simple portfolio website, look for a portfolio WordPress theme.

Do You Need Something Else Besides a WordPress Theme?

Yes! Other two vital things that you need are a domain name and WordPress hosting.

For domains, I recommend Namecheap. For hosting, check out my other tool to find the best web hosting companies for WordPress. If you're looking for the whole package, then check out my WordPress website cost tool.

Another thing you'll need is WordPress plugins that handle vital parts of your WordPress website: security, performance, spam, backups, and more.

When you'll use my tool, you'll also get a list with free must-have WordPress plugins. Yes, that's right, free plugins!

The vast majority of WordPress plugins have free versions, which, in many cases, provide enough powerful features. It depends on your needs if you want to upgrade them or not.

You'll also see other useful tools recommended there, such as free CDN (Content Delivery Network) and email marketing service.

Need WordPress Help?

If you need setting up your WordPress site or blog, my WordPress services are at your disposal!

If you want to avoid all the hassle, I can properly optimize your WordPress site and get it up and running in just a few days! I can also offer on-going maintenance and support, so you can only focus on your business, while I focus on your website!

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