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WordPress Website Cost Tool

Get a combination of the best places to buy a domain, hosting, and theme for your new WordPress website, based on your budget! Discounts and free bonus resources included!

My budget for the first year is:

How Does WP Flunky Help You?

Having over 7 years of WordPress experience, I created this WordPress website cost tool to show you the best options you have based on your budget!

When you want to build your very first WordPress website, the first thing you probably wonder is how much will it cost.

Well, since WordPress powers over 34% of all websites, you can imagine how much competition is there for everything: hosting, themes, plugins, and more!

That's a good thing for you because it means the prices are competitive as well. Everyone is trying to come up with the best offers to attract customers. So, you can build a WordPress website even with a very small budget!

A lot of competition can also be a bad thing. Not everyone who wants a piece of the cheese is providing quality WordPress products. Many of them are low-quality, and some of them have very good marketing that can trap you into a nightmare.

But here's where my WordPress website cost tool comes in! It will filter the good apples from the bad ones and show you the best products your money can buy!

Essential Things Needed to Build a WordPress Website

You can't have a WordPress website, or any other type of website, without:

  • Domain Name - As your home has an address, a website needs one, too. For instance,, with .com being the TLD (Top-level domain). You can choose from a multitude of TLDs (e.g. .net, .academy, .tech, .blog, and so on). Depending on the TLD you want, a domain can cost from a few dollars up to thousands.
  • Hosting - WordPress hosting is a vital part of your WordPress website. If the hosting is bad, your website's performance will be bad as well, which can affect both SEO and User Experience. Choosing a hosting that's properly optimized for WordPress is very important!
  • Theme - A WordPress theme handles your site's design and content. There are tons of WordPress themes for every need and budget. Some are good, some are bad, some are flexible, some are not, some are cheap, some are more expensive, and some are free! Choosing a good one is vital for your WordPress site's performance!

Is That All You Need?

Usually, no. Those were just the vital things which a WordPress site can't be created without.

You will most likely need WordPress plugins as well, especially plugins that handle other vital parts of your WordPress website: security, performance, spam, backups, and more.

When you'll use my WordPress website cost tool, you'll also see a list with free must-have WordPress plugins. Yes, that's right, free plugins!

The vast majority of WordPress plugins have free versions, which, in many cases, provide enough powerful features. It depends on your needs if you want to upgrade them or not.

You'll also see other useful tools recommended there, such as free CDN (Content Delivery Network) and email marketing service.

Need WordPress Help?

If you need setting up your WordPress site or blog, my WordPress services are at your disposal!

If you want to avoid all the hassle, I can properly optimize your WordPress site and get it up and running in just a few days! I can also offer on-going maintenance and support, so you can only focus on your business, while I focus on your website!

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